Work outfit styles inspiration

Growing up I always loved the idea of dressing up for work. Outfits with crisp white shirts, high heels and perfect pencil skirts. The reality is that my career choice doesn’t require me to dress in power suits but is more smart casual. I like to keep my look preppy, relaxed and yet still maintain professionalism without dressing like a hot shot.

I am trying not to get into a rut with my work outfit choices and often find myself scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration. Today I’m sharing some of my favourite looks with you.

The pictures below are all also on my Work Fashion Inspiration Board.:

As you can see I tend to gravitate towards mostly beiges, browns and black with pops of colour or a pop of a different texture

At the moment I think it is a great idea to invest in staples such as shirts, classic trousers, and blazers. All it takes is a simple necklace or pop of colour somewhere to take your outfit to a different level.

Do you have a dress code at work? Would love to hear about your work outfits choices as well.

11 thoughts on “Work outfit styles inspiration

    1. Same! I enjoy making an effort with my work outfits as well even though my role doesn’t require me to. Dress for the job you want I say!
      Thanks for stopping by. I am just about to check out your post about dressing for work 🙂


    1. Yes much easier to update looks with a few pieces…I’ve also found that I’m old enough now to see trends come around twice! I’m sticking to classic pieces..not making the same mistakes twice 😉

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    1. That’s true! I tend to dress to moods as well. Sometimes basic won’t too and I’ll want to be just a tad more dressed up.
      Thanks for visiting. Looking forward to checking out your post and blog!

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