50 things that make me happy

There have been quite a few of these tags everywhere but today I thought I should actually do the “50 things that make me happy” tag because lately I haven’t been feeling too happy. I know it’s just a mindset that I need to get out of but for now I think a reminder of what makes me happy should lift my spirits a little. Some of these are a little mushy and a lot is also based around food.

  1. My nieces
  2. Long island iced teas
  3. Happy hour

4. Hotels where they give you a welcome drinks and wet towel.

5. That feeling of reading something you can’t put down

6. Water with lemon and mint

7. 30cent cones from Mc Donalds

8. Lazing around on lush grass on a warm sunny day

9. When items scan cheaper at the register than the displayed price

10. Salon blow dried hair

11. Inside jokes with my sisters

12. My husband …sometimes..most times 😉

13. Gelato Messina

14. Freshly baked Donna Hay chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate and Coconut cookies

15. The view from my grandmothers place in Fiji

Country life Fiji

16. Waking up to sun shiny days

17. Watching the rain

18. Walks

19. Jab We Met

20. Getting facials

21. Going for runs

22. Yoga

Billabong Yoga Retreat Maraylya - Sydney

23. Having alone time but not left to be lonely

24. Going out for meals

25. Episodes of Gilmore Girls with Jess


26.  Afternoon naps

27. Going to bed without turning an alarm on

28. Outdoor showers

29. A clean kitchen

30. Cosy fireplaces

31. My parents loving me no matter what

32. Mums chicken curry

33. New Years Eve (my favourite day of the year)

34. Publishing a blog post

35. Weekends away

36. Babies that hold onto you when you pick them up

37. Asian Bakery Sponge Cakes

38. Watching movies that evoke feelings of being in love

39. Road trips with lots of stops, snacks, good music and good company.

40. Treats


41. Freshly vacuumed carpet

42. Receiving online shopping orders

43. Coffee

coffee at bourke street bakery

44. The sound of the ocean

45. Airports

46. Baths with candles and wine

47. Freshly threaded eyebrows

48. Dancing to cheesy Bollywood songs

49. Finding clothes I forgot I had

50. Notes left for me on heart shaped Post-It Notes

4 thoughts on “50 things that make me happy

    1. Thank you! I was feeling pretty down when I wrote this list but writing it was a great reminder that there are a lot of things that make me happy 🙂
      Thank you so much for stopping by xx


  1. They sell 30¢ cones at McD’s where you live?! That’s crazy! I think it’s $1 here.

    “When items scan cheaper at the register than the displayed price”
    Yesssss! I call that a surprise sale! 😀

    Getting facials are one of my favourite things! I should make more time for it.

    “Finding clothes I forgot I had”
    This happened to me yesterday! I was like, yesss, “new” clothes!

    Great list! 😀


    1. They sometimes hike the cones up to 50c but people get outraged so it usually stays at 30c. They’re the best! And even though its 8.45am now…I could sooo go for a 30cent cone…yum!

      Thanks for reading hun! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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