Sydney weekends: Wattamolla Coastal Walk

A few weeks ago I did the Bondi to Bronte walk with the boy ;bout town who is relatively new to Sydney. The walk was great..but definitely on the touristy side. My favourite walk in Sydney of all time is the Wattamolla Coastal Walk. It’s not a very well known or popular walk- in fact when I did this walk a few days ago I only saw about 5 other walkers there and when I got to Little Marleys  Beach – I had it all to myself.

This post is picture heavy – and yet the pictures still do not do justice to the beauty that is Wattamolla

The walk starts off at Wattamolla Beach in the Royal National Park about an hours drive south of the CBD. The beach is gorgeous and is a great alternative if you want to avoid the crowds found at the more popular northern beaches. There is a car park very close by which is handy on the weekdays but on the weekends you must get in early as the spots fill up pretty fast.

Wattamolla coastal walk
Wattamolla coastal walk – the dam

The first quarter of the walk is pretty much a bush walk with plenty of shrubs around. The path is mostly just a sandy trail. In the wet this can get pretty messy.

Wattamolla coastal walk 1 bush walk

Wattamolla walk

After walking for about 20 minutes you are rewarded with gorgeous views.

Wattamolla cliff view - walks

Wattamolla cliff view - walks 2

Wattamolla cliff view - walks 3

The view is quite spectacular and I was lucky it was such a  gorgeous day as well.

There are no fences or barricades on these cliffs so use your own sensibility folks!

walking track wattamolla beach

Wattamolla cliff landscape

Wattamolla coastal walk landscape
Australian native plant – Bottlebrush

There is plenty of landscape to see like the ever-changing rock formations, the plants. Plenty of frogs croaking and birds and bees buzzing around. I have never seen any dangerous wildlife on this walk and I am quite the scaredy cat.

After walking amongst the cliffs, you soon head downhill. This is the first glimpse of Little Marley Beach. The best thing? There was no one else around 🙂

Little Marley Beach

Little Marley Beach - Wattamolla Walk - Royal National Park 1

Little Marley Beach - Wattamolla Walk - Royal National Park

You can keep walking all the way to the larger Marleys Beach however I usually stop at Little Marley beach for a packed picnic lunch and head back. All in all it’s a relaxed 4 hour return walk.

Where: Wattamolla Beach,  Royal National Park

How much: $11 for a daily park entrance fee per vehicle

More information – National Parks NSW


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