Sunny Bondi to Bronte walk

Recently I have discovered that I can be quite a snob! For a long time now the boy has been wanting to do the Bondi to Bronte walk and I kept brushing it off – it’s  for tourists, it’s overrated, it’s not a proper walk. I ended up giving in, the poor fella has to get his way sometimes right? 😉

We had a nice break from the icy winter we have been having with the temperatures reaching a [thinking about my bikini] top of 21 degrees during the weekend. Couldn’t have a picked a better day for the walk.

Start of the walk at Bondi Beach

Bondi Iceberg Swimming Pool

Walking track

First glimpse of Bronte

View of the walking track back to Bondi

It ended up being such a lovely day for the walk. Yes it was touristy – but it was so great to hear so many different accents on the walk.

The walk is a 6km return walk and will take 2 hours at a leisurely pace. A great idea is to stop for lunch or drinks at one of Bronte cute little cafes while you are there.

All the pictures above have not been edited or filtered and were taken on a Samsung S5.

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