What to expect at your facial treament

I kind of have a secret obsession – perfect, natural skin. If I had clear, even toned, pore free complexion, I wouldn’t put on an iota of makeup everyday. Unfortunately even though perfect skin seems impossible to achieve, I do believe that facials help us get the best we can out of our skin.

In the one year lead up to getting married, I had a facial every month, for the relaxation aspect as well as improving my skin texture. The facial consisted of a deep cleanse, facial massage, mask, steam, extraction and finally a moisturiser. The results weren’t obvious straight away but usually the next day I would notice my skin would be looking brighter and clearer. The effects last for at one least week.

In my personal experience and opinion – the facial depends more on the person performing the facial rather than the products used.

Below are some things that every good beauty salon will do for you facial treatment:

You will leave feeling relaxed

They will go out of their way to make you feel relaxed by playing relaxing music, speaking to you softly and gently. They usually won’t engage in conversation other than to ask if you are comfortable or to explain the next part of the treatment.

Separate salon treatment room

A good salon will have a facial bed salon. They should have a basket for your clothes, and inform you properly on what they expect you to wear for your treatment. The room should also be quite dim to help you relax.

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Treatment type

The person performing your facial should be able to assess your skin needs, and they may even talk to you beforehand about your concerns. They may recommend you do something for dry skins if you have picked a treatment for oily skin etc. The most expensive treatment isn’t necessarily the best one. Even mini-half hours facials are beneficial.


One of the best things about facials (particularly at Indian owned salons), the staff will massage your hands, arms, neck and should while they put a mask on you.

A professional will spend a lot of time massaging your face in soft, gently movements. The movement should help the blood circulation on your face which is often an overlooked area.

Pet Peeves of salons

Chatter of other clients/staff

The last thing you want when booking some “me” time for yourself is to listen to other peoples nonsense gossip. I once went to an incredibly unprofessional salon where there was about three staff in my salon room having a gossip!

Leave you with a mask

Some facial treatment staff can be quite lazy and slap on a facemask on you and leave you for a good 20-25 minutes – I’m not happy about this when I am paying about $60 for an hour. Seems like a lazy way of performing a treatment.

Cold rooms and cold products

One of my biggest pet peeves is when salons have their air-condition on too high and the only thing worse is when they slap on icy cold things to your face without rubbing the product between their hands to warm up first.

Time to start dropping hints for some facial vouchers don’t you think? 😉

Have you had positive/negative facial treatment experiences you are willing to share?

6 thoughts on “What to expect at your facial treament

  1. On the same page as Naomi! Believe it or not I have NEVER gotten a facial done as I don’t really pay too much attention to my face as well. Nor do I ever wear foundation, unless it is for a photo-shoot but I depend a lot on my moisturizer and one-two face masks from LUSH and that is really it. Although, the idea of relaxation sounds amazing and I may just have to consider a facial just for that aspect haha. Hope all is well lovely!

    Xo. http://www.sonamnaiducreative.com

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    1. Ah..I so envy you. I really want to move away from foundation and let me skin breathe more.
      Facials are the best relaxing way to pamper yourself though! And I bet you totally deserve one 😉

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  2. Zoya .. My fav part about a facial is massage too. You know a lot of Indian Brands are coming up with 6 step facial care which involves all the basic steps of facial and u can obviously gie steam to yourself with a hot towel. I love indulging at salon as well but i am careful about the products


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