The Girl on the Train – book review

Funny I have never given you my thoughts on a book despite being employed in a library for the past 7 years 😉 I am a fussy reader and am terrible with fantasy, can’t do historical and no cheesiness please.

On a recent solo flight to Auckland, I decided to treat myself to a book. I call it a treat because I thought about 20 times before handing over $33 for a paperback copy. Airport prices are totally ridiculous at times, but seeing I had forgotten my Kindle at home, and my 3 and half hour flight didn’t have much entertainment I shelled over my hard-earned cash.

I picked up a psychological thriller, The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins seeing as it was on the number one list at the airport. I hadn’t heard about it before and I will admit I half picked it up because the cover reminded me of Gone Girl which I absolutely loved – side note – it is totally ok to judge a book by the cover. I do it all the time.

The book is set in Britain and follows Rachel as she catches a train every morning. She has houses that she likes to look at along the way to her destination, and like most of us likes people watching too. She has familiar faces whom she sees nearly every day and she gives these faces names, personalities and stories despite never having spoken to them. Eventually these little imagines stories start blurring with Rachels reality she reveals more and more about herself and why exactly she is on the train. One day Rachel sees something out of the window on the train and she becomes involved in the  real lives of the strangers she had given fictitious stories.

Rachel is not a very likeable character and is not portrayed as a strong female lead although I did feel sympathetic towards her. She is reminiscent of Amy in Gone Girl as she has several shades to her character as well.

The chapters are shared between Anna (Rachel’s ex husbands new wife) and Megan who lives a few doors down from Anna. To be totally fair the only female character I liked in this book was Cathy – Rachels room-mate.

I found the climax a little unbelievable and too convenient although it did tie things up quite nicely.

This novel was a great fast paced read and I managed to read over 85% of the book in 3 hours.

Do get in early with this novel – it appears that Emily Blunt is in talks to play Rachel when they release the film adaptation.

Have you read this? What were your thoughts? How does it compare to Gone Girl for you?


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