Paper Plane Cafe, Parramatta

I tried a few weeks ago to visit Paper Plane Cafe only to find that there were at least 18 people in the queue ahead of me for a Sunday brunch. This only made me even more determined…after all most of my favourite eateries have queues outside like Tan Viet, Holy Basil, get the idea.

One fine Saturday morning while the rest of Sydney was sleeping I got up early for the sole purpose of visiting Paper Plane cafe. By early I mean arriving at 10am of course 😉 10 am happened to be the perfect time. We got a fantastic seat outside and got to enjoy the romantic whimsical decor of the cafe. While we dined I began to see the queue form, so folks – hot tip – get there before 10.30am.

Paper Plane Cafe - Breakfast review Parramatta

I was pleased to see that they had plenty of options on the breakfast menu and it was a tough choice deciding on what to have. I eventually settled on The Portobello Eggs Benedict and the husabnd decided on the Monte Cristo French Toast.

Paper Plane Cafe - Breakfast review Parramatta


Paper Plane Cafe - Breakfast review Parramatta

The ham, turkey and swiss cheese is perfectly complemented by the cranberry sauce. Nice to see that they used fresh berries as well. Definitely a breakfast for those of you with a sweet tooth.

If you prefer a savoury breakfast you would have been pleased with the eggs benedict I had.

Paper Plane Cafe - Breakfast review Parramatta

I usually don’t like very runny eggs so was delighted that the eggs here were cooked amazingly well. This might sound silly as I try to explain: the eggs were runny but not gooey or sticky. It had a definite cooked taste. Even the boy who does not eat runny eggs shared the same sentiments as me. The hollandaise sauce was not over powering. If I had to make any suggestion – I would have loved more than one mushroom.

Overall a wonderful first time at Paper Plane Café. It is definitely worth rising early for

3 thoughts on “Paper Plane Cafe, Parramatta

  1. Glad you liked Paper Plane Cafe 🙂 Your pictures look amazing though. The first time I went, I too had the Portobello Eggs Benedict and my mushroom didn’t look like that haha. I haven’t tried their lunch menu but heard they do it really well. Let me know if you decide to go again for lunch or something. There’s a cafe nearby which is on the same street but on the other side, I’ve heard that cafe is good too 🙂 Great review though! I enjoyed reading this! xx


    1. Thanks for the recommendation hun 🙂
      How did your mushrooms look? It was delicious but I would have loved it even more if they were a little more generous with it.
      I think I saw the cafe you are talking about across the road as well and that had a quite a few customers as well.

      Thank you so much for reading and your lovely words as well 🙂

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      1. My mushrooms was smaller and filled with a green sauce/filling. It was hidden until I found it hiding underneath all the goodies. xx


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