Top tips for a low budget Indian wedding

Most Indian wedding websites tend to feature the very best weddings they come across and because they only feature the very best we don’t always see a realistic portrayal for the average person. Everyone has a different budget and different circumstances.

I knew from the onset my wedding would be a budget one. The husband and I decided on a realistic budget and went halves with the costs. Our families also supported us but seeing as though we are both grown individuals, both working full time and both with a very clear idea on how we wanted to do this – it made sense for us to pay for this on our own.

I always thought it is more sensible to invest in your future i.e a house rather than for a week long wedding extravaganza. Below I have added some tips which should save you some $$.

Get in touch with lesser known, upcoming  designers

If you must wear designer try young designers such as Ridhi Mehra, Arpita Mehta, Sapana Amin who are making gorgeous outfits. If you inquire about them, you may be pleasantly pleased to discover that they aren’t super expensive. The best thing is these upcoming designers are doing things differently. You’ll be sure to have a unique look with these designers with individual tastes.

I start talking early on Sapana Amin and this is the personalised outfit I got for my wedding. Most favourite outfit ever.

Sapana Amin customised lehenga
Sapana Amin customised lehenga

Start shopping early

Give yourself plenty of time to shop and stick to your budget. If you are buying the bulk of things online, give things plenty time to arrive. Plus if you select regular shipping over express shipping you will also save on postage fees.
If you start shopping early, you won’t feel the need to succumb to pressure and buy something that is just average and in excess of your budget

Vendors you already know

If your friend or family member is a keen photographer why not ask them to take a few non essential, but nice to have pre wedding shots? If you admire a friends makeup skills ask then to do your makeup for smaller ceremonies.
I saved my hard earned money with my sister who knows my style and comfort zone offering to do my hair and makeup for mehendi. My sister in law also very sweetly made us our reception wedding cake. Apart from saving money, it’s also a wonderful personal touch.

Indian budget wedding tips
My wedding cake by my sister in law

Tidy up your guest list

This is hard if you are of Indian background as well. My wedding consisted of 50 people and even that was a lot of people for me.  We printed 100 invites and we went halves on the guests we invited.This was very non-traditional and our parents weren’t too pleased but honestly speaking they were so relaxed during the wedding festivities because they didn’t have 100s of people to worry about.

Another way to do this and still keep your parents restively happy, is to invite whoever you want and then give your parents 10 blank invitations and ask them to pick 10 people they would like to invite.


Pick a eye-catching colour for effect rather than a heavily printed invite. The card should set the mood for what your guests should expect at your wedding. Why purple and green? Why not? No need to be matchy-matchy with anything.

My invites were from

Ask the locals

With my 50 guests, I estimated that maybe 25 will be drinking alcohol on the reception. All the drink packages from larger catering companies were the standard “pay for every guest” . To me it didn’t make sense to pay per head and instead we bought our own alcohol, and the venue gave us the contact details for a local bartender. He bought glasses and supplied ice and set it all up on a table. It didn’t look glamorous but he served up some great cocktails. Job done πŸ™‚

Local Balinese bartender for wedding
Local Balinese bartender for wedding -Indian Destination wedding

Destination wedding?…

So there is more work involved and yes admittedly it means that your guests will have to fork out more of their own money – but if you choose a suitable destination and it actually feels like a proper holiday, no one will complain.
I sent my Save the Date fridge magnets out at least 10 months prior to the wedding even though I didn’t have a venue set – I knew it would be a destination wedding in Bali and we knew the dates. That was plenty of notice for guests to book flights and accommodation as well as take leave from work.

Getting married in Bali was cheaper than it would have been if we had it in Australia. Fresh flowers, gifts for guests and photography and the range and quaility of food were all more affordable than back home. Plus if the outdoor venue is already gorgeous you can spend less on decor.

Mahatma House - wedding venue - Bali
Mahatma House –  wedding venue


My most valuable tip for saving money at your wedding? Get rid of the idea of trying to outdo and focus on being unique.

13 thoughts on “Top tips for a low budget Indian wedding

  1. This is such a great post Zoya. Everything about a wedding is not big and fat everytime. I think regardless of how much people spend the main theme of wedding is happiness and celebration.

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    1. I completely agree Daisy. It’s so easy to get caught up with making a show out of the wedding that its easy to forget the real reason.
      Thanks for reading πŸ™‚


      1. Next time u wanna buy sth let me know..I can go check..I can send I whatsapp pics ..I don’t remember the last time I bought a suit ..I just buy fabric and borders and make it at local tailor ..of get embroidery done πŸ™‚

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